What Are Bee Pollen Granules?

un bocal de pollen d'abeilleWhen you look at the activity of the bee as it flies from flower to flower, settling at one place for awhile then flying to another, you can’t help but wonder if it has any idea what an amazing activity it is taking part in. As the honeybee goes to get some nectar at a flower that caught her eye, she carries with her pollen that goes on to become bee pollen.

The amazing thing about bee pollen is that there is no laboratory formula to synthesize it. In an effort to pick a thing or two about how to make bee pollen, researches fed honeybees with man-made pollen but they (the bees) could not survive on it and died. The only thing that can be done to bee pollen once it gets to us is get new packaging.

Bee pollen, which is food for the colony, has a lot of compounds that are beneficial even to the human being. To begin with, it is packed with more protein than any animal food substance you can think of. There are a number of benefits of bee pollen granules, some that will amaze you.

Great Source of Energy

Bee pollen has a bountiful of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body and easily accessible. The protein content found in bee pollen granules is in the form of amino acids which are readily absorbed into the body. The bee pollen granules also have B vitamins, folic acid and carbohydrates which make it a potent energy source. Bee pollen can therefore come in handy when you need to stay active through the whole day and also keeps fatigue away.

Stops Allergies

Pollen cuts down histamine levels in the body when an allergic reaction occurs, alleviating such conditions in many cases. Here’s how it works: The pollen serves as a mild trigger for anti bodies that fight against the allergen in a process called desensitization. The antibodies produced against the pollen will again be produced when the person is affected in the same manner.

Something For The Immune System

Our immune system is our safeguard from disease; a boost makes it even better for us in terms of our overall health. Bee pollen has been researched and found to have properties than liken it to antibiotics. These properties reduce the body’s susceptibility to viruses. It is also has loads of antioxidants that protect the body’s cells from free radicals whose oxidizing effects are detrimental to say the least.

Infertility Issues

Pollen encourages ovarian function and also helps in restoration. Pollen granules boost hormone production which ups the intensity of ovulation while also increasing the span of time that an egg can stand incubation period.

Helps Do Away With Addiction

local bee pollen for allergiesBee pollen is good at coping with addictions since it can stop cravings through its ability to suppress impulses. Due to the fact that pollen can crush cravings before you have to deal with them, the possibility for using bee pollen for weight management has been explored with positive results.

These are just among the many things that make bee pollen a healthy addition to any person’s diet. A fun thing about it all is that bee pollen granules can be mixed with smoothies and juices or sprinkled on salads.

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