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health benefits of bee pollen granules

Bee pollen is one of the most complete foods when it comes to nutrition. The natural food was once described by the German naturalist, Francis Huber as “the greatest bodybuilder on earth.” The reason for the rave around it is due to the many benefits that it has on human health. Sadly like many natural health options, bee pollen uses are greatly under-exploited.

Before our times, bee pollen was an important part of nutrition for the Greeks and Romans who called it the life giving dust, alluding to immortality and eternal youthfulness. They too knew about the benefits that one stands to gain from using it. Bee pollen is also known to have been used by American Indians and Chinese tribes for their rejuvenating qualities. Egyptians too are known to have entombed pharaohs with pollen too!

What Is It Composed Of?

Bee pollen is hailed as an all round natural body builder due to the many components that make up its structure. It is made when honey bees collect the male seeds of a flower blossom. The male seed collected are mixed with the bees’ digestive enzymes. The pollen granules are sticky and could each contain up to 5 million pollen spores. The reason many nutritionists and scientists insist that it is a perfect food is because these tiny pollens are packed with nutritious components required by the human body.

The pollens contain large amounts of minerals, proteins, vitamins, carotenoids, beneficial fatty acids and bioflavonoids which are anti-bacterial, antiviral and also help to check one’s cholesterol levels while also strengthening and stabilizing capillaries. Pollen also has the rare vitamin B12 and is the only plant source where it can be found.

Bee Pollen Pills

With all that bee pollen has to offer it only makes sense that science would tap into their benefits and find a way to make them available to the body in a much more accessible way. According to educationisaround: Since there are no natural foods from which to get pollen except the pollen grains themselves then it makes even more sense. Bee pollen capsules contain all the 22 amino acids the make up the human body. There also are enzymes and co-enzymes says Karl Henn from Theeducationlife, vitamins and a total of 27 minerals that can be found in bee pollen diet pills.

Benefits of Bee Bollen

Fresh bee pollen holds a wide scope of protein compounds-about 40% of organic bee pollen is all protein in nature. One of the most primary benefits of bee pollen is that it does a lot of good for children by boosting their physical and brain development. Bee pollen weight loss remedies for adults looking to lose weight also give great results because there are little calories to deal with but lots of nutrients to be found. Bee pollen nutrition is ideal for people who need to cut those extra kilos without running the risk of leaving out some important elements of a wholesome diet.

According to the website http://geteducationskills.com, Bee pollen vitamins also add to the health benefits of bee pollen granules by relieving skin ailments such as rashes and eczema.

Using Bee Pollen Supplements

According to https://theeducationtraining.com/, The safest way to use them is make sure you get your supply from trusted sellers but that should be an easy thing to do since there are supplements to choose from on the internet. If you are wondering where to find bee pollen granules or where to buy bee pollen granules then take a look at the options you find online. The best bee pollen supplement in the market currently is Forever bee pollen which can be found on Amazon with the usual promise of free shipping.

Bee Propolis

According to https://happylifestyletrends.com, part from the bee pollen that has numerous benefits to growing children, who need all the amino acids and proteins they can get, bees also make propolis. By now you know that they make more than just honey and propolis is the other nutrition option.

Bee Propolis Benefits

where to buy bee pollen granulesAccording to https://purehomeimprovement.com/, Propolis contains at least 300 active compounds that are of great benefit. Recent studies have pointed out that it has some anti cancer properties that help in combating cancer that affects various parts of the body. The much we know about propolis and cancer suggests that it has an alleviating effect on cancer of the brain, skin, kidney and bladder, breast, liver, blood, breast, head, prostate and neck. The large amount of healthy compounds in the propolis were seen to fight cancer in ways such as

-Preventing new blood vessels that feed the cancer cells from developing.

-Impede the cancer from spreading (metastasis) to other organs.

-Stopping cancer cell division.

-Inducing involuntary cell death.

Along with this, propolis was also found to ease the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs which in turn reduces the harrowing side effects. Of course, more research is needed to completely confirm these claims.

Bees were originally thought to make propolis for architectural purposes alone but as scientists found out there was more to it than protection against the elements. The primary reason bees make the sticky gunk is for protection from external intruders as a matter of fact the name propolis is drawn from Greek meaning “defense of the city.” Apart from fortifying their hive propolis can also be a source of sustenance for bees too.

Bees do more than just make honey. The list does not end with propolis, there also is royal jelly which is just as beneficial as the other extracts that we have learned come from the bee.

Royal Jelly Benefits

It is nutrition for developing larvae from which a new queen rises when the old one is weak or dead. Royal jelly is a secretion from glands found in the heads of worker bees. It has been used as a health supplement for human beings and has been shown to enhance brain function. High quality royal jelly has the effect to create euphoria in the user and clarity of mind. It also provides protection against inflammation and safeguards the liver. Royal jelly also helps against osteoporosis and controls blood sugar in diabetics.

Bee Pollen Side Effects

Bee pollen is safe to use and does not any harmful effects when used. However, for people who have pollen allergies then it is best to steer clear of the supplement of tablets. There are serious allergic reactions connected to bee pollen use such as, anaphylaxis, swelling, shortness of breath and hives.

Bee pollen can be given to children as a mixture by blending it and making a tasty smoothie. The wrong way to take it though involves mixing it into hot foods which denature enzymes and lessen the health benefits of the supplement.

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